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Converting made easy. And it is free.

★★★★★ "Simple. Sleek. Lovable. " - Klyfte
★★★★★ "Handy, like an app should be!" - RammelsApps
★★★★★ "Best conversion app for travellers" - Trev536

Tempee is probably the easiest US - Metric unit converter. No tapping, no typing, just sliding! Ergonomically designed to easily convert US - Metric units in the most common ranges. Ideal for travellers!

Can convert:

  • Temperature (fahrenheit - celsius)
  • Length (mile - kilometer, foot - meter)
  • Mass (lbs - kilogram, oz - gram)
  • Volume (gal - liter, cup - liter, oz - liter)
  • Area (square foot - square meter)
  • Fuel consumption (mpg - liter/100km)
Eye candy included! Ad supported edition. Suitable for quick and approximate conversions. Not suitable for scientific precision due to rounding differences.

apoc-x 1.9 is out

More Videos on YouTube!

★★★★★ "The flashback outer space nightmare you have been waiting for!" - Classic Game Room, CGRUndertow
★★★★★ "I love this game! No silly cutesy graphics, just a very fun, very playable game. Thank God for independent developers!!!!" - Yish Bosh
★★★★★ "Entertaining, and offers an experience in spirit of Space Hulk and Aliens. Recommended!" - Klyfte
★★★★★ "Very polished, and the game has a great feel. The tactical mode is amazing!" - Radioguy867
★★★★★ "Fun and intense, recommended!" - AmigaFan2
★★★★★ "Perfect fun, real retro!" - C64 j
★★★★★ "Great value for money!" - SupremeRonin

APOC-X is a

Yes, it is all in one app! On iOS. Period.
And it is based on the classic story: You are alone on an abandoned space station with a swarm of monsters and from level to level you have to find and fight your way out.

The game features:

And there is even more!

 a.p.o.c. for xbox 360
dbp 2010 edition

★★★★★ Voted into the Top 50 Entires at Microsoft's Dream.Build.Play Indie Game Development Competition in 2010

A.P.O.C. is a 2D top down shooter in the same genre like Gauntlet, Jurassic Park, Alien Breed or Tower Assault, but here you can move, look, shoot in any direction. The game features:

  • 3 game modes: single player, two player spliscreen coop, and one player tactical mode called 'commando'
  • Some demo levels for each game mode
A.P.O.C. was my entry to the Microsoft DREAM.BUILD.PLAY competition in 2010. It was developed in .Net C# XNA. The DREAM.BUILD.PLAY is a wolrdwide game development competition, with 300+ entries in 2010, where A.P.O.C. made it to the best 50 on the Community Vote, bud did not come up as a finalist.
A.P.O.C. was impemented for XBOX 360, later it was ported to Windows with keyboard support. In late 2010 and Alien Breed freeware remake branch was started, but development was cancelled due to publishing issues on the XBox Live Marketplace.

Dream Build Play 2010 footage

The original X-BOX 360 version of A.P.O.C. is discontinued, and since Microsoft gave up the XNA Framework as of 2014, the package is no longer available for download. Sorry. Times change, enjoy the iOS version!